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Premium Gel Pen Story

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The simplest item often requires the most details. The quality of a pen depends on its smoothness, ink longevity, thickness, size of nib, risk of ink bleeding and ease of use. We wanted a partner that can deliver to our expectations, without sacrificing affordability.

Finding the right factory is a long process, and this was no exception. We started by looking at the right places, we explored the market to find quality brands that we already love, but had steep price tags. We began our search determined to find the factories that produced the same pens for the big boys. And by a stroke of luck, we discovered the very same factory that works with Faber-Castell, and we knew we found the top-notch workmanship we were looking for.

Materials and Processes

We were determined to get all aspects right, and this took several conversations with our factory. Working closely with the well-established R&D department, we explored different materials and manufacturing methods in pursuit of the best form. User experience was a priority, as we worked to ensure that every nook and cranny is created with the user in mind.

When the final product arrived in our hands, the ergonomic design and the user-centric features blew us away. We are incredibly excited to inspire you to create your own work of art with these premium gel pens.

About The Factory

We got to know the factory owner over a simple meal of Zhe Jiang cuisine, as he repeatedly stressed the importance of treating employees well. Established in 1994, the factory has amassed a force of more than 2000 employees. Yet, he still wants to make sure that every employee feels welcomed at work. We count ourselves lucky to have found a factory that makes beautiful, quality products in a beautiful place, and an owner who understands the value of treating employees well.

With the owner’s big and likable personality, it is no wonder that he managed to secure strong working relationships with world class clients like Walmart, Tesco and Office Depot Staple. Its exports to these international markets include products such as office stationery, office supplies, student supplies, bags and business gifts. With its high standards, the factory was even selected to be the exclusive stationery supplier for the Beijing 2008 Olympics Games, propelling its quality products into international limelight.