Our Story

IUIGA was born as we pondered over one question:

“Why pay so much for quality?”

Connoisseurs Of Quality

At IUIGA, we are deeply obsessed with good quality. We asked questions about things we use everyday. We scoured the globe to find best in class, life-improving products designed to last. We found gems, we fell in love with them, and we want to share them with you.

Direct from Brand Manufacturers

We talked to the best undiscovered brand manufacturers - the very same ones behind the massive successes your favorite designer brands. Then we work directly with them. By doing so, we cut out traditional brand premiums and pass on these savings to you.

Complete Transparency

We believe you have the right to know how much quality truly costs. We show you what it costs us to make these products, and then our markups. Everything is completely transparent as IUIGA reveals the true cost of quality to you.

Quality isn't a luxury.

It is a mindset that stays true to what matters.
It is fine living through refined simplicity.
IUIGA is the quality of being true, so you can live TRULY.