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Oil & Vinegar Dripless Dispenser Story

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Many of us get to go home to home cooked food every evening. Yet, we do not give enough credits to our mothers for cooking; we sit down and gobble down our meals without uttering a single thank you to our mothers. Cooking is messy, this is a fact that is often neglected.

We wanted to make life easier for our superhero mums, so we set out on a mission to find kitchen lifesavers. We wanted a fuss free, easy to clean, functional product that would be superior to the existing plastic alternatives in the market. After months of searching, we finally found a factory that was up to task.

After making the connection, we travelled to Shan Dong, China, to personally observe the production and materials used in their kitchenware goods. When we arrived, we were left in awe as we were brought into the 1,070,000 square feet building. As you look around, it hardly looks like a typical factory. Wide expansive grounds envelope the area, with pet dogs housed upfront. Inside, however, the vast factory was well organized. The entire operation from the initial R&D to the final production was smooth and seamless.

Materials and Processes

While it is easy to use, the actual designing and planning of the product was complicated. We spent some time finalizing the actual mechanics of how the product will work. It was also challenging process to nail down the best material for the product. We were determined to ensure that any material used is certified food-safe, and will not alter the flavour of any oil or vinegar that is stored inside.

After a few conversations and trips to Shan Dong, we narrowed down on a high quality glass and an integrated silicone button pump that ensures easy usage. To say we were pleased with the final product would be an understatement.

About The Factory

Founded in 2000 with the aim to provide the best houseware solutions for everyone, our partner demonstrates creativity and innovativeness through its products. The owner has a small home on the property, which he designed himself for late nights at the factory. His dedication is one of the reasons this factory is widely considered to be one of the best manufacturer of housewares, with an impressive catalogue of over 500 different products.

The owner keeps a low profile, however, he was excellent in building connections and extending his reach. He reached out and gathered the top designers and researchers from all over the world, eventually building a dedicated team of 450 employees.

With its dedication to quality and innovation, the factory has progressed to attain international presence, exporting its products to well-known brands like WMF, Stelton, Libbey and ZWilling.