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Wooden Cutlery Factory Story

Our Wooden Cutlery Origins

Wood design equals sustainable design. It is a versatile material with unsurpassed beauty, which uniqueness is naturally crafted by elements and age. From classic to contemporary designs, wood has been used to carve almost every shape imaginable. Wooden cutleries are excellent additions to your serving ware, sprucing up your table with class and rustic elegance.

There may be ample options for manufacturers producing wooden tableware, but to seek out one utilising time-honoured and ethical techniques was indeed a challenge. After going through countless of factory visits, we have finally found a manufacturer whose beautifully crafted wood ware expresses a true artisan look and feel.

Materials and Processes

The sustainable wooden serving wares are crafted from rubberwood, a light-coloured medium-density tropical hardwood obtained from Pará rubber trees between 15 to 25 years of age. Rubberwood is known from being eco-friendly and its many impressive properties such as low thermal conductivity, hardness, durability and fast drying ability. These features coupled with its refined beauty, render wood as an ideal material for tableware.

Unlike its metal counterparts, wooden tableware exudes a kind of poetic expression and life. The wooden products from this factory are either made from whole or stitched wood, and it is almost impossible to find two completely identical pieces. Whether they are obtained from the same tree or location, each piece of wood carries different mineral marks and lines, much like our fingerprints.

Expert craftsmen traditionally produce the wooden products with keen attention to detail and expertise. Each piece of work is polished at least 4-5 times for maximum smoothness and then coated with non-toxic varnishing.

About The Factory

Located in Putian City of China’s Fujian Province, this facility produces a wide array of wooden tableware such as lacquered bowls, tea sets, cutleries and other delicate kitchen accessories. Their products are mainly designed for Japan and other South-east Asian countries, thus embodies a distinctively Asian and Zen aesthetics.