Washed Cotton Quilt Factory Story

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Our Washed Cotton Quilt Cover Origins

The comfort of our bedroom is more than mere luxury but critically important to the quality of our sleep. It is also a sanctuary from the stresses of the day, to energise and rejuvenate our weary soul. And getting a good night’s sleep begins with the right bedding.

Remember those old yet unbelievably soft sheets you’ve been sleeping on for years and refuse to replace until the tears became too prominent to ignore? And you dread the stiffness of the new bedding that might even be so scratchy that it keeps you up for nights?

We feel you. This is why we have embarked on a mission to help you seek out pre-washed beddings that feel just as comfortable the first night as it will for years to come. And after a tedious journey and handling countless of sample fabrics, we succeeded. So sleep easy, we’ve got you covered.

Materials and Processes

The distinctive characteristic of washed cotton lies with its softness, yet sufficiently crisp and cool for warmer days. Here, this factory produces premium pre-washed cotton bedding infused with non-toxic fibre reactive dyes to keep the colours permanent and vibrant. Advanced construction process and top quality cotton result in maximum breathability that transforms your bed into a snuggly haven.

Warning: Customers have feedback that they are experiencing trouble getting out of bed due to the fabric’s addictive tactile comfort.

About The Factory

Hidden amidst all the other textile vendors in Nantong City, is one outstanding factory that produces quality beddings just as we’ve envisioned it to be. With over 20 years of experience, this facility stands at the forefront of China’s home textiles production industry.