Slippers Factory Story

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Our Lounge Slippers Origins

Freedom has a galvanizing effect on the human spirit. Temporarily released from the twin shackles of work and the chase for success, we enter an empowered state and look at things from a lifted vantage point. This is why we get profound realisations in the most tranquil of places.

At the heart of this phenomenon is an elusive personal comfort - no longer saddled with responsibilities or the myriad stressors of life, our minds are open to immersing in new experiences and gleaning novel ideas.

Keeping this sublime comfort in mind, we set out to recreate it in our Lounge Slippers. It had to be of the softest material, providing an unparalleled luxurious experience. Crisscrossing the globe in search of the best manufacturers, we faced countless disappointments, but finally found our heyday.

Materials and Processes

Crafted out of a unique blend of Xinjiang long-staple cotton and linen, the denim fabric slipper is infused with the best qualities of both worlds - sheer softness and high elasticity, interlaced with resilience and breathability while adhering to ergonomic principles.

The outer sole of the slipper is constructed with luxurious suede leather, to round out the quintessentially supple attributes of the slipper.

About the Factory

Established in the modern metropolis of Shanghai in 2004, this slippers facility is acclaimed on an international level and exports to Japan, South Korea and Britain. Furthermore, it has contributed to the success of worldwide conglomerates such as Tesco, Uniqlo and Skechers.

Having also set up a research and development centre for fabrics, the facility is a major proponent of environmental sustainability and strict quality standards. Taking a holistic approach towards product design, it is poised to achieve its goal of creating world class footwear.